Continuing education: How will you know it’s time to pursue it

Learning is a lifelong process and shouldn’t stop after you graduate. After all, you acquire new knowledge through experience and from people you encounter along the way. If you take a look at the courses featured on the website, you’ll see that some of the courses or training programs offered provide you with a more structured way of learning.

You can choose one based on its connection with your university degree or something completely different. Either way, you will improve yourself and acquire new skills in the process.

Is that reason enough to pursue continuing education?

If you answer yes, read on to find out more about this next step to a better you.

What does continuing education entail?

It could mean going back to college for students and learners or enrolling in different programs and courses that will provide them with a new set of knowledge and skills.

The term continuing education is all-encompassing and describes additional formal learning activities designed to refresh your knowledge, current practices, and skills.

The course you choose can be based on or delivered with group-based, self-directed, or online hybrid mediums.

There are various types of continuing education. Some of the most common include postsecondary degrees, professional certification, military training, on-the-job training, English as a second language, personal development and self-paced learning, and earning a GED.

This is why the courses listed on the homepage of are not specific to just one course or training program. This gives you the freedom to study a course equivalent to your college degree or something completely different.

To continue to educate yourself or not

Continuing education will affect different areas of your life, especially your day job. If you choose to enrol in any training program, you will have to adjust to the available schedule. Thus, the need for discernment.

So, ask yourself the following questions:

Why do you want to pursue continuing education?

You must have a specific goal to help you stay motivated and on track. It’s not enough to want to learn something new. If you know that the program you choose will improve your life once it’s finished, you will be determined to complete it.

Can you afford it?

Of course, there are fees involved. Some of which may not be affordable. It’s important to identify which training program to pursue and how much you need to allocate for it.

Can you afford not to enrol in continuing education?

This could be detrimental to your job or future promotion. So you have to make a hard choice between further developing your knowledge and skills or staying stuck in the same job.

Is it the right time of your life to continue education?

It’s possible that you’re not ready to go back to school or to study a specific course. Or, you lack the motivation to do it.

There are also instances when you’re forced to enrol for one reason or another, but your heart’s not in it.

It’s also possible that you are at the point in your life where you’re not ready to make a change.

Because making a final decision is hard, speak to an advisor or join a workshop. Know your options. Visit for details.