Improve your printer productivity and service life through proper maintenance

A printer is one of the most versatile machines found in offices. They range from laser jet, inkjet, multifunctional types, large format printers and 3D printers. Within each type are thousands of models with different printing capabilities. They are used for printing, scanning, photocopying, faxing and printing large drawings. Printers are made up of delicate and complex parts which sometime fail unexpectedly. In addition, printers are installed with consumable materials such as ink and toner cartridges, drum units, fuser and paper feed kits which require regular replacement. To maintain the printer  according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, it is imperative to hire qualified and experienced personnel from printer service support centre. For more information you can always visit

Printers like any other machine are bound to fail after sometime. If you own a printer, expect it to fail one day. The printer, like any other machine requires two main types of servicing. These are preventive and emergency maintenance.

As the doctor says “prevention is better than cure”, preventive maintenance is done to identify problematic parts and repair them before the actual failure occurs. Scheduling routine checks on your printer is important as it reduces downtime during busy office hours. Since routine checks are done during non working hours, they have minimal impact on productivity. Defective parts in the printer are identified early and this prevents the problem from escalating to other parts. The main routine maintenance practices include: cleaning internal and external parts, checking ink and toner cartridges as well as identifying and replacing defective parts before they fail.

The second form of servicing is emergency maintenance. This occurs when the machine fails unexpectedly. This type of failure results to downtime especially during office hours and can be very disruptive as all printing, scanning and copying work is put on hold. To resolve the problem quickly and conveniently, it is prudent to hire a technician from an authorised printer service support centre. Well trained and experienced technicians service the machine within a short time and also ensure that the problem does not recur.

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Benefits of hiring a printer servicing contractor 

There are many benefits of hiring personnel from a reputable printer service centre. First, these technicians are qualified and experienced in repair and maintenance of different printer models. Therefore, they repair the printer with diligence and guarantee no repeat jobs. Secondly, printer repair and maintenance centres provide unlimited calls when one needs guidance to clean or install software on the machine. They also respond and resolve the problem quickly and this lowers the impacts of downtime. Since they use genuine parts, expect no immediate failure and this increases productivity and lowers the repair costs. Unlike ordinary technicians, they are insured and therefore, any damage on your machine is compensated.